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Plain old "Windows 8" app is going to be dismissed

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While the app will continue to work for some months after the Windows 10 version is out, this version will not be updated anymore. You still will receive fresh content from web sources, but we are not going to make any further improvements to the app itself.

This was a needed change to merge the desktop and mobile experience in a single app we are going to release in following days.

If you don't have Windows 10, you can just continue to use this version.

Version 2.4.240 released

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This small update fix an issue related to the localization of strings, making the app to show Italian-related captions instead of the correct ones.

With this release everything should be fixed for good but, if you still are experiencing any malfunction, just drop us a line and we'll fix it as soon as possible.

Happy space-exploration!

New version is "under development"

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Finally a new version is under development, featuring full support for Windows 8.1

Follow us and we'll keep you updated about the process.

Waiting for approval

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Astronomy Hub for Windows is waiting for approval. Tons of improvements will come with this release described in further posts.

Just hold on a little more

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A lot of work has been done server-side to improve the quality of our services but everything is almost ready, just few more tweaks and we'll be able to release this much awaited update!

Thanks for patience!

New features are coming

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We've heard you! A lot of new features are coming in the next Astronomy Hub update. Our aim is to create a great astro-experience for every Windows user out there.

If you are like us and you love the space and all related stuffs, you must not miss the upcoming update, featuring more content and the much asked feature Favourites.

Meanwhile, we'll truly appreciate your support buying a copy of Astronomy Hub for Windows 8.

Version 1.0 released

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After a very looooooong time, Astronomy Hub for Windows 8 got published on the Store. If you have a Windows 8 powered device, what are you waiting for?

Download it now and start to travel the space from your PC.

Waiting for approval

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Astronomy is the only app that gives you more than 5000 scientific articles, hi-res pictures, HD videos, tidings about the Sun and news from the scientific community.

Discover the cosmo like never before, try the incredible experience of a voyage to the boundaries of the universe with your Windows 8-powered devices.

Fast and fluid, perfectly integrated into Windows 8, this app is a must-have for everyone keen about astronomy or for occasional users in search of breathtaking pictures. Plus, the incredible cross-platform experience, gives you the unique ability to take the cosmo always with you, wether your are at your PC, on your tablet and even on your Windows Phone.

After its growing popularity among Windows Phone users, Astronomy Hub has landed on your Windows Store finally, taking the whole experience to the next level. Watch amazing HD videos on your TV, look for solar eruptions, without the need of a suntan cream, listen to hours of amazing NASA podcasts.

All of this and much more in a simple and clean user interface. Download Astronomy Hub now, and adorn your Start screen with a cosmic Live Tile.

Would you like this app to be improved? Contact us and we'll do our best to make future updates satisfy your needs.