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Pandora's Wallet

Windows Phone Version 2.6.7
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Version 2.7.50 released

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Pandora's Wallet is our first app to drop the compatibility with Windows Phone 7.x devices. This was needed to deliver an amazing and more secure experience.

The app went through an harder testing cycle and what it came out we think is a much better and stable app than ever.

Enjoy and tell us what you think @bytestorms

Version 2.6.7 released

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After a long time, we've updated our great app Pandora's Wallet, fixing bugs and improving SkyDrive upload.

We also fixed the annoying issue with some characters encoding which didn't allow the wallet to be uploaded on the cloud.

We hope you'll enjoy this update!

Version 2.5 released

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SkyDrive backup improved, resulting in a much more smoother user experience.

Now you can download/upload a wallet and close the app without having to wait for the transfer operation to complete, thanks to background transfer agents.

Version 2.4 released

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This one is a critical fix, we really apologize for any data you might have lost. :-(

Version 2.2 released

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Enjoy this great update, featuring a new amazing UI and a greater usability.

Version 2.1 released

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We fixed an annoying bug which made the app to quit when opening a wallet from the start screen.

Version 2.0 released

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Pandora's Wallet went Mango at last, featuring a great SkyDrive support and improving the overall security.

SkyDrive is coming with Mango!

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After being quiet for a long time about Pandora's Wallet, we are proud to announce that the new Mango version will support SkyDrive. You'll be able to sync your data in the cloud and safely retrieve them back!

Plus, a desktop companion is under development. This means that data can be exchanged from your PC to your phone easily. We'll keep you up to date, just stay tuned!

1000 downloads achieved

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Pandora's Wallet just got downloaded 1000 times! You'll see a price drop for a limited time, buy it now if you haven't done it before.

Version 1.8 released

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We've put a lot of effort on making the whole app to match the Metro style more closely, so enjoy these new Metro icons and smarter layouts!

Version 1.7 released

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After a long break, we're back on the Windows Phone 7 scene. Pandora's Wallet 1.7 is now available, this update fix a bug on template creation and brings to you a bunch of new features. First of all, we've translated it in our own language, now Italian users can take advantage of having their favourite app in their own language. Second, we've added Photo Hub extras support, to let you protect pictures within the Photo Hub. Last, thanks to suggestions provided by our customers, we've implemented a smarter way to navigate between items.

Plus, we've put a lot of effort on making the whole app to match the Metro style more closely, so enjoy these new Metro icons and smarter layouts!

As always, I hope our customers will continue to support us with good reviews as we're improving this app day after day. Let us know your opinions about Pandora's Wallet.

Version 1.6 released

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Pandora's Wallet 1.6 is now available. This update fixes several bugs addressed by some of our customers. We've packed this update in less than two days, this should be a record I think.

I hope our customers will continue to support us with good reviews as we're improving this app day after day.

Waiting for new release approval

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We've just submitted a new version of Pandora's Wallet which is much more stable and offers more useful features. It should be rolled out on your phones within Tuesday.

Version 1.4 released

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This one is a minor release addressing a very small range of issues. We've received feedback about importing images, so our team fixed few small bugs hoping to address this issue. If you're still experiencing these issues, please drop us a line providing more informations about your problem.

Hopefully, this will help our developers to fix this annoying issue.

New video on YouTube

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A new video preview has been recorded to show you Pandora's Wallet new features and look & feel.

Version 1.3 released

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Here we are with the first major release of Pandora's Wallet. You could be wondering why we didn't number it as 2.0, well our development team is asking himself the same.

This version was intended to be a small improvement of the previous version, but as things grew up, our UI lead designer decided to give the whole UI a completely new look & feel.

We added a template manager to give the maximum flexibility, you can now customize your templates as much as you like. We built a whole new page where you can add, edit and delete your wallets with few taps.

Pandora's Wallet now has over 10 built-in templates to handle most common input scenarios, plus a special template named "picture" to give you the unique possibility to protect your most private pictures.

Call, mail and browse data within Pandora's Wallet, the app will try to automatically detect if your data are phone numbers ("+" prefix required), a emails ("@" required) or web addresses ("http" or "www" required). Keep different kind of data separated and strenghten the security with multiple passwords, Pandora's Wallet will help you manage multiple wallets. The accounts idea has been shifted to a more wallet-centric design. Keep different kind of data separated and strenghten the security with multiple passwords.

Version 1.2 released

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Another minor release to improve the overall performance and to fix few minor bugs.

Version 1.1 released

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Improved the trial experience as we removed any limit but blank passwords. Hope customers will be able to enjoy the whole Pandora's Wallet experience.

Version 1.0 Released

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Pandora's Wallet is the best secure wallet you'll ever try. The whole app has been improved to give you the best mobile experience ever. Transitions between pages have been added to give a more appealing look and a more consistent user experience.

Manage your templates, edit existing ones or create your own one. Organize your wallet as you like, Pandora's Wallet gives you the maximum flexibility.
Do you have any important picture do you want to hide? Pandora's Wallet will keep your most private picture hidden, just choose the picture template and you're done.
Don't know where your data are? Just hit the search button and you'll find whatever you want in few taps.
Do you want to edit or delete something? Just tap and hold to make the context menu appear, just like any app phone.

Store whatever you want, from your mail password to your credit card code, from your wifi settings to your private images Pandora's Wallet will protect everything from malicious eyes.

  • Multiple wallets support
  • Strong encryption algorithm
  • Smart data navigation
  • Automatic favourites support
  • Search function
  • Unlimited folders
  • Easy and customizable
  • 80+ icons
  • 10+ default templates