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Version 1.12 released

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Another small improvement in the whole backup process, now it's possible to exclude specific file extensions from being copied or synced.

To take advantage of this new feature, you can go through the UI or edit your custom config files adding the bolded line below:

<setting key="source" value="<my_source_folder_here"/>
<setting key="destination" value="<my_destination_folder_here>"/>
<setting key="excluded-extensions" value="*.example1;*.example2"/>


And you're done, leaving tons of thrash out of your backups!

As side notice, we've changed the destination CPU architecture to a more modern "AnyCPU" style. Unfortunately this breaks your current version, but do not worry.. Just uninstall and reinstall the app and you're done.

Version 1.11 released

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This small update brings a neat feature to the fast backup experience. If you find yourself struggling between many different folders and you are bored swapping folders name again and again, then this update will make your day!

Just create a new text file wherever you want and name it <any_name_you_want>.sssp, then open it with the text editor you like the most and paste the following lines...

<setting key="source" value="<my_source_folder_here>"/>
<setting key="destination" value="<my_destination_folder_here>"/>

Hit the save button and then double click on that file you've just created and you're done. Your settings you've just typed will be injected into a fresh app instance, allowing to perform multiple backups faster than ever.

Believe it or not, you've just created a configuration file for SmartSync.

Happy settings!

App restored

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After ages of being unavailable, SmartSync is now downloadable for free on any PC running .NET Framework.

Enjoy the easy side of robocopy!

Version 1.3 released

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Smart Sync is a small tool which will boost your backups! You don't have to worry about copying large folders anymore. Making a backup of your music library, pictures and more is boring. Let's stop to waste time watching the same files being copied over and over again.

Smart Sync keeps two folders synced and only copies those files that were modified since the last copy operation. Your backup operation will be five times faster than ever, you just have to install Smart Sync.

Thanks to the ClickOnce technology we'll deliver updates to your PC automatically!