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New UI for the sharing feature

Posted on

The first version of this neat feature of Weekly Nature was designed to be mobile-only. This resulted in a non-optimal layout for bigger devices, wasting space on the screen that could be filled with more content.

For this reason, we have redesigned the whole UI of the sharing feature of Weekly Nature to be cool regardless the device you are using, wether it is a small screen or your large TV screen.

The big plus here is that this major change will not break your already shared links, it works flawlessly for just any shared picture in past and in the future.

We know you'll love this cool update!

Version 3.0.584.1309 released

Posted on

Finally Weekly Nature went WP 8.0!

This update brings the much awaited "set as lockscreen" feature, along with a lots of "performance improvements". Now you can set any picture you like as lockscreen directly from the app, plus the image will be "watermarked" with the title and the app logo. A neat addition that will make your lockscreen to look cooler than ever!

With the major version 3.0 we added the support for French language. We hope fans from France will be happy with that!

The app renewed its UI a little bit, gaining a more fresh and modern interface while sticking thigtly to Windows Phone design principles!

Do you like this update? Don't you like at all?

Let us know your impressions by submitting an app review now!

French support is coming

Posted on

Hello French users, this will make your day: a fully localized version of Weekly Nature is coming for you!

Thanks to the amazing work of Acremar, this app will reach a wider audience and we are sure you'll love to learn about the nature from another point of view as we do.

Still there is no release date, but things are "work in progress". Stay tuned for more infos!

Version 2.7.496.0 released

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This one is a small update, fixing an issue updating the Tile when no Push Notification Channel is enabled or valid.

Version 2.7.489 released

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Here is another update for Weekly Nature, which brings a much awaited feature: photo sharing!

We heard you and worked hard to deliver the most powerfull and easy-to-use sharing feature.. The core of the idea was simple: create a deep link to pictures on our server to be able to share pictures with anyone!

So, enjoy it, it's free!

Version 2.6.452 released

Posted on

This release is a minor one, it fixes a bug related to the push notification channel which didn't get refreshed as expected.

Now your Weekly Nature Live Tile should be always up to date!

Version 2.6.450 released

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In this release we fixed the whole Flickr section, improving performances and fixing bugs. Now you are able to view the latest pics of Acremar from the world's largest photo community.

We also improved the Live Tile support, to make sure you never miss another tile again.

Enjoy this minor update!

Version 2.4 released

Posted on

As promised, the 2.4 update has been released, featuring few minor bug fixes and improved UI. Unfortunately, a small visual glitch appears while displaying the videos list, but don't worry, it's on our "to-fix" list.

Don't forget to rate our app on the Windows Phone Store, as your ratings help us to produce better quality apps.

Version 2.4 is coming

Posted on

A minor update is coming, stay tuned for more infos.

Version 2.2 released

Posted on

Now you can browse Acremar's Flickr photos within the app.

Version 2.1 released

Posted on

A new Videos section has been added to Weekly Nature, featuring HD videos made by Acremar.

Version 2.0 released

Posted on

Weekly Nature has been update to Mango, featuring Pin-to-Start, double sided Live Tiles and much more.

Version 1.4 released

Posted on

This release only features a restyled recents panel to match more closely the Windows Phone UX. Hope you'll enjoy it. If you like this app, please support us with a 5 star rating.

Version 1.3 released

Posted on

Weekly Nature finally got its update. If you want something more than just pictures, now you can slide your favourite shot up and read more about it. If you are just a nature lover or a professional photographer, Weekly Nature 1.3 provides you metatags about how the picture was taken and more info about the subject.

Due to limits of Windows Phone about how many apps can use push notifications concurrently, we decided to add an option to disable it if you don't want these marvellous shots on your start screen.

Good reviews will keep us focused on improving this wonderfull app. We are planning more updates for this one, so if you like it please give it a 5 stars rating from your phone, nature deserves it.

A new version is coming

Posted on

Weekly Nature is getting updated. A new version is now heading to the marketplace and when it will be approved, you'll get a faster experience, richer contents and more a customizable Live Tile.

Just please be patient for just few days, they'll be worth it.

Version 1.2 released

Posted on

Weekly Nature is now faster than ever and will let you browse pics while under bad network coverage. Local caching has been implemented to let your experience to be as smooth as it can be.

We've worked hard to improve your Live Tile experience, as a result the Acremar Push Notification is now alive and already pushing Live Tiles to every Weekly Nature app around the world. Before starting the new version of Weekly Nature we suggest you to pin it to the start screen as the actual Tile is pushed instantly after the first launch.

Live Tile nightmare

Posted on

Live Tile's aren't showing up regardless our fix. Our developers will try to implement a Push Notification Service within Sunday to provide you the best Live Tile experience ever.

Version 1.1 released

Posted on

We've released a new version for Weekly Nature which fixes wrong date formats and few minor bugs.

The panorama view has been tweaked to be smoother and faster and Live Tile scheduling has been improved to be much more responsive.
Hope everyone can finally enjoy the full Weekly Nature experience without annoying issues.

Fuzzy time

Posted on

Yesterday we discovered something we would haven't discovered: Weekly Nature is trapped in the past!

Besides jokes, because of a date mispelling, the app is telling you that there is only one picture on April 2010. That's not correct, it should say April 2011.

We've already submitted an update to fix this issue, meanwhile we improved the tile update schedule to be much more faster and responsive. Hope it will be published within monday.

Why can't I see more than two pics?

Posted on

Someone is wondering why there are only two pics available within the app: the app is new on the marketplace, that's the answer.

We apologize if this makes the app looking empty, but Acremar provides us only a picture per week, so we ask you to wait next weeks to make new pictures show up on your start screen.

Version 1.0 released

Posted on

Weekly Nature hub will help you escape from the boring daily routine, spicing up your home screen with a weekly tile. With a single tap you'll able to plunge yourself in the wonderfull world of nature. Each week a new image will guide you through marvellous Acremar's shots.

Acremar is a dream came true of a couple of nature photographers, digging deep into the microcosm. Through the years, Acremar gained fame with their hi quality frames of nature. Colorful, amazing and odd subjects now available on your Windows Phone 7 through a stunning panoramic experience.

Want to change your wallpaper weekly? Tap the one you like, save and set it as a wallpaper. All the pics fit your screen perfectly.