who we are

ByteStorms is a small business founded in the heart of DISI, university of computer science in Genoa, in the first day of May 2010 by Matteo Marcianò and Piergiuseppe Longo.

Our initial goal was to develop apps for Windows Mobile and iOS, leveraging the best of both worlds.

Unfortunately, our co-founder Piergiuseppe Longo drop out the iOS team on November 2010 and we had no choice but to dismantle the whole Apple Developer Team. Because of that, we decided to shift our core business towards the Windows ecosystem at full speed, focusing on delivering high quality apps for mobile and desktop devices.

After few years, ByteStorms gained popularity among Windows Phone users, thanks to our top app Astronomy Hub.

If you are new to us, we are really pleased to welcome you aboard this brand new ship. We hope you'll find everything you need and, if not, I highly encourage you to reach us as soon as you can. Be sure to check how to do it from the contacts section further in this page.

If you are a loyal customer since the dawning of ByteStorms, thank you so much for sticking with us for such a long time. All of this would never have been possibile without you.

Chairman - Dr. Matteo Marcianò


We are a very small and dynamic team, too few, someone might say, for what we are trying to achieve.

Nonetheless we think we achieved a fair amount of good stuff so far, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve and to create amazing content.

Enough babbling and let's introduce the great minds behind all of this.

  • Matteo Marcian√≤ Chairman and lead developer
  • Bernd Gastermann Mobile development, localizations
  • Arianna Boccalatte QA, usability & testing
  • Alessandro Capello Game arts & design

what we do

We build apps and services for consumers and medium-sized companies.

Through the years we evolved from simple standalone apps to full-grown web apps. We are currently exploring the cloud world, as we think is the way to go for future investments and development.

As a bonus, we developed interesting and powerful libraries and web services that we would love to share with you. We are currently exploring new ways to deliver this amazing stuff to you.

Recently, we became more involved in game development and started few projects about this. Still, it's too early to anticipate anything but you'll be amazed for sure.

how we do

Be simple, be fast

Our primary focus is to write code that is reliable, fast and maintainable, while keeping memory footprints at its bare minimum.

Almost everything we code is written in .NET, using the latest version wherever is possible. There's still some C++ code here and there, but those special cases are rare.

Usually IT people expect that for serious business, you should code in C#, but we find ourselves pretty comfortable with VB.NET to be honest. That's why the 80% of our code base is written in VB.NET and we're proud of that. Because at the end of the day, quality matters, not language.

Tools that we use daily to deliver such amazing stuff to your devices are, among the others, Visual Studio, WP SDK, Azure SDK, TFS, MVC, Bootstrap, LESS, CoffeeScript and Grunt. Gallons of coffee is consumed and hours of music is played in order to provide you with such great content.


When we first started this ByteStorms thing, we weren't sure where to go and how to do it. We had a troublesome start at first, unfortunate departures and stuff like that. But we had to go on, we felt it our hearts and bones.

After 5 years, we managed to have few clients and brands here and there and plan to expand to more.

Our roadmap remind us our plans to expand our customer base and to offer a wider range of apps and services.

We're looking forward to migrate our server infrastructure to Windows Azure to leverage all the power of being in the cloud. Because of that, expect tons of new apps and services popping out on our website.